The RollBeam is a mechanical linear actuator that uses rigid chain technology for push/pull applications in industrial environments.
It is similar to a single block box composed of a drive casing, a chain magazine and a rigid chain. The range of standard magazines makes it possible to configure the RollBeam according to the available space and the stroke. Several RollBeams can be combined and synchronised for the needs of a project.

The base system can be completed by wide range of options and accessories in order to fully meet your needs.
Specific applications are possible to order: speeds of up to 1 m / sec., stainless steel, specific surface treatments, specific thermal treatments, etc.

Specifications and benefits

• Horizontal transfer movement
• ATEX category II 2GD c T4 certification
• Telescopic actuator making it possible to free-up the full work area (actuator retracted) and benefit from cross movements
• A simple and robust design guaranteeing a long service life and use in difficult environments where other technology cannot be used (Clean room, dust, temperature, humidity, radiation, etc.)
• Flexible and highly compact concept for easy installation in confined spaces, with long strokes
• Extremely reliable, making it possible to achieve very high levels of availability
• Very light servicing and maintenance
• Standard speed up to 300 mm/sec. Beyond this value, please contact us
• Positioning accuracy and repeatability to the millimetre (depending on the stroke management method)
• Oil bath for high frequency use
• A wide choice of options and accessories
• Varied motorisation: electric, pneumatic or hydraulic